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SportsLife and Kids Sports are one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with those in our offices, neighborhoods, and gyms. We are excited to offer some opportunities for you to do that with basketball, football, and softball, to zumba fitness, and camping, we offer chances for kids and adults to connect with God and each other while enjoying their favorite sports activities. Please look around the site and if you do not see what you are interested in, let us know at sportslife@communitybible.com.


Chosen Facebook banner registerPlease register today to run with Team CBC Chosen and change a family forever!  Chosen provides financial, mentoring and outreach resources for adoptive families, foster and orphan care, as well as advocates for orphaned children who need homes. Our purpose is to help children come into families, provide direct orphan care to those who are not adopted, and educate the community about the local and global orphan crisis. Our goal is to help children be placed in loving, permanent homes and provide care for those who are unadoptable. We are working to transform the world of sports, from one that competes for ourselves, to a culture that says “competing for someone else’s victory is far more fulfilling than racing for ourselves!”  Visit www.chosenevents.org to register today.  To impact CBC families who are adopting please register under running team: CBC Chosen.  We would love for you to train with Team CBC Chosen.  Email cbcchosensa@gmail.com for more information about training.  



Upward™ Flag Football & Cheer – contact Jan at sportslife@communitybible.com for possible openings. For boys and girls 4 years – 6th grade by 8/31/16.  Cost is $109.   Practices and games are held at GVTC Sportsplex 29064 Bulverde Rd. SA, TX  78260

Sign up here to be a flag football coach or referee!  One practice and one game per week.  Training is provided!

Contact us at sportslife@communitybible.com for information on all adult and kids sports.