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SportsLife is one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with those in our offices, neighborhoods, and gyms … and we are excited to have some opportunities for you to do that with some friends, to get some g
From basketball, football, and softball, to Zumba, and camping, we offer chances for kids and adults to connect with God and each other while enjoying their favorite sports activities. Please look around the site and if you do not see what you are interested in, let us know at sportslife@communitybible.com.reat exercise & competition, and be able to share in the love of Christ at the same time.


Fresh Fit Camp:

The Zumba “FRESH Fit Camp” at Community Bible Church will be held on Saturday, January 24th from 9-11:30am in Central.

The FRESH Fit Camp will benefit Carlos who is the caretaker of the Farm at Casa del Aguila for state of the art farm equipment. Carlos is a man after God’s own heart with a true passion for God & sharing his gift of creativity in tendering the land in growing the vegetation for the farm.

  • The cost for the event is $10 for pre-registration for all participants (ages 8 years and up.)
  • $15 registration at the door.
  • Come and enjoy Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Kick Boxing and Yoga!
  • All proceeds from this event will benefit the “Casa Del Aguila.”
  • Kids Club is not available for this event.

To register click here.

For more information please contact Sylvia Lopez at salopez59@hotmail.com



Running with Purpose/ Team Sigala

Our purpose is to raise money for The Sigala Family to adopt Baby Sigala. Every registration $ for the Chosen Marathon will go directly to the Sigala Family as long as you select Team Sigala as your team when you register for the Chosen Marathon for Adoption. If you would like to train with our group to walk, interval walk/run or run, we would love for you to join us. There is a group for every one including beginners who have never walked a 5k to experienced runners. We meet every Saturday morning as a team to train.

Thank you for joining The Sigala Family in this journey.

For more info please email Kate Aranda  at katea5754@gmail.com



  • Upward Basketball & Cheer is currently on a waiting list.  Please Click Here to be added to the list and we will contact you when we have an opening for your son or daughter.

  • Important Announcement – The Meet the Coach meeting has been rescheduled!  It is now going to be held on Sunday, January 4 @ 3pm in the CBC Worship Center.  Please pass the word!