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SportsLife and Kids Sports are one of the easiest and most effective ways to connect with those in our offices, neighborhoods, and gyms. We are excited to offer some opportunities for you to do that with basketball, football, and softball, to zumba fitness, and camping, we offer chances for kids and adults to connect with God and each other while enjoying their favorite sports activities. Please look around the site and if you do not see what you are interested in, let us know at sportslife@communitybible.com.

New Group!


Are you interested in “Road Biking” in and around San Antonio? If so, then this group is may be just what you’re looking for!

The class is geared to improve fitness, in addition to experience fellowship and fun!

Based in interest and attendance, we may be able to divide up into two groups based on average mph; However no one will ever be left alone or behind. It will always be a group ride.

All experience levels (18 years +) are welcome.

*Required- Bicycle, helmet and water.

*Recommended- Road bike, gloves, gps, front and rear lights, sunscreen, protein/energy bars.

To register click here.

For more information please contact Patrick Misnick at: p2cem@yahoo.com


Upward Basketball & Cheer:

Upward Basketball & Cheer registration is now open!  It’s for boys and girls 4 years old (by Sept. 1, 2015) – 6th grade. Cost is $109.

Basketball Coach & Referee application

Volunteer to be a Cheer Coach

Upward Flag Football & Cheer:

Upward Flag Football & Cheer Game Schedules

Upward Flag Football & Cheer, CBC Kids and CBC Kids Choir present Family Movie Night.  Invite your friends!

To volunteer in the Movie Night concessions stand, click here.